How many times did the shapes bounce?

Did you notice anything on that last trial that did not appear in earlier trials?


Please answer the following questions even if you responded "no" to the previous question.

If you aren't sure of an answer or don't know, please just guess.

What color was the new object?

What shape was the new object?

Please click and drag the cross to the place on the display where you first noticed a new object appear.

If you didn't see the new object, drag the shape to where you think it might have appeared.

This short survey asks you to provide some demographic information about yourself.

None of the information will allow us to identify you and it will be analyzed by combining across responses from many people.

Your responses will not affect your compensation for this HIT.

Do you identify as male or female?

What is your age?
Under 18
18 - 24
25 - 49
50 - 80
Over 80

Which best describes your vision?
My vision is normal. I don't need glasses or contacts.
I need glasses or contacts, and I wore them during the experiment.
I need glasses or contacts, but I wasn't wearing them during the experiment.

Did you experience any of the following issues during the task? Select all that apply.

If you didn't experience any of these, you can leave the options blank and click the button to continue.

The display lagged for an extended period of time
The task froze completely
Other issues:

Have you ever done a study like this before, where you were doing a difficult task, and something unexpected showed up? If so, please describe it briefly.


Please close as many browser tabs as possible to ensure the task runs smoothly.

In this task, you will see four white shapes and four black shapes. These shapes will move and bounce around inside a blue rectangle. These shapes will randomly speed up and slow down while they move.

Try to keep your eyes fixed on the dark blue square while you complete this task. You will complete three brief trials.

Click the button below to begin.


The first part of the experiment is over. You're almost done! We just have a few questions for you.

Please press the button below to continue with the experiment.